You may have noticed this blog has advertising. Why you may ask?

I have a somewhat small readership which occasionally flares into double figures and I thought wouldn't it be good to generate a little extra $ through the site! For me? No. i am okay in the money side of things

Instead I am raising money for the Australian Orang Utan Project Yes every last cent (and lets face it will be cents) I am sending (plus I am matching it $ for $)

Why? Because I like Orangs and lets face it if the apes do take over I want to be in the inside running to survive in some sort of menial role to our new simian overlords

and anyway Orangs are nice. Except for the guy from the ING adverts who is creepy

So there you go.

and what can you do? well click! clickety click click click clicksville. When you've read a post have a click cause that means the advertisers pay and the Orangs make some money.

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