Todays Puzzle

Big Dog, Little Dog

Big Dog, Little Dog

Which one is which?


Feb Fast again

The Captain is once more doing Feb fast!

Let the bells peal out across the land

Anyway, while I am happy to not be drinking (possibly a lie) and look forward to a month without a sneaky beer (Most undoubtedly a lie) I am a little worried that I will end the month with out any donations.

Which brings us to you. Hi!

Why not "buy the Captain a drink"? Yes instead of buying me a real drink, which lets face it probably won't happen as

a) I am angry and not often the best company
b) I am not allowed in a lot of pubs due to the infamous gorilla suit with flippers incident of 2006
c) I am an anonymous construct character

Instead buy me a virtual drink in the way of donation!

If everyone who reads my blog or followed me on twitter "bought me a Sneaky beer" I will make a good return for these charities. It's not much for you but the might of the Captains army will make a sizable return. (Sorry for drafting you in the army but I am a Captain so it seemed appropriate.)

Go here   Come on $5 is enough. ( Or $10 if you are buying me a shmancey drink. ) When you donate tell me what drink it is. 

So if you have ever read my blog followed the inanity of the inside of my mind on twitter and thought I'd like to buy this chap a beer, ( or even a bear if you a) can't spell or b) like the idea of me sitting awkwardly with a Kodiak bear watching the news)  now is the time to donate that money to Feb Fast.  

go on...why not. It's here in case you missed the link earlier.

In closing, a penguin being a dick

An Open Letter

Dear Australians

What is happening in America is equal parts amazing, exciting and scary.

The people who are not supported with a minimum wage, a fair healthcare system, a free education by their debt riddled government are amassing Boston tea party style to create change. Amazing. The conditions for the lower class, and the size of that class, In America is shocking. I am not in a position to speak to it at depth but I can say it is not Australia.

I do not deny we have people making too much and too many people in poverty. But we are not America.

Their government bailed out the banks when the GFC hit, ours gave the people money to spend to generate activity for our economy. A simplistic contrast? Yes but simply put we are not America

Lets take a look at our middle class lives of privilege and take a moment before we storm the streets. Because quite honestly there are many many other things in our society we should be massing to demand change for rather than mimicking the outrage and protest of another Country which we are not