The Captain is on holiday and while he sits and enjoys the Reubans in the city they named twice he presents his pre-written series of travel blogs

Terezin, Czech Republic
This is not a happy place but some places can be special for not being happy. For how they change us when we visit them.

Terezin was here they interned the Jewish children and artists in World War Two. A fact i didn't know till visiting and the awareness of that fact was what shook me from my very Australian isolationist view of war, pain and suffering to an awareness of how horrific it was.

If Australians gain only one thing from the grand Europe tour, that being an empathy then it is a good thing.No one should suffer like this or go through something like this. The children of Terezin produced some amazing art , poetry and music.

    As someone who has worked with children for over two thirds of life I can never forget this place. I am yet to adequately respond to Terezin. I doubt I ever will

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