The Captain is on holiday and while he sits and enjoys his Martini and pickles (although not simultaneously) in the city they named twice he presents his pre-written series of travel blogs

Rottnest Island, Western Australia 
I grew up spending two weeks a year on this island, which was originally set aside as the people of WA's playground and when I started going it was a sandy old place of lattice cottages and children being allowed to do what they want. It was a place of relaxation and was endearingly charming and reassuring for meas a child, and for my parents who to the term holiday rhymes with Rottnest

I went through the Year 12's right of passage at the end of the school year on it and I had the good fortune to work on there in a couple of different roles so it has changed as I have changed. As all places it is the combination of the memories and locale. Although the locale is a strong persuader with the crystal clear water, laid back pace and the general happy vibe.

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