The Captain is on holiday and while he sits an enjoys his Martini in the city they named twice he presents his pre-written series of travel blogs

Leonora - Western Australia 
 Leonora isn't a tourist destination. its a mining town, a place where they rip out gold from the Earth, a fairly disgusting pastime if you ask me. Leonora is beautiful in the starkly, harsh way that the centre of Western Australia, in fact Australia, can be. I spent two years working out there and have a great affection for the place and the people.

If you like your history its amazing, with the ghost town Gwalia on its doorsteps and the history of the gold boom all around and on the way you can see the Gormly art installation at Menzies. 

But as with all places, it is the people, and as seems to happen with me a lot, the children.


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