Snapshots of dipshits

Scene. Second hand store for the sake of this script will call Cash Converters

Two chaps enter looking for a second hand cricket bat

They locate a bat priced at $55

Shop Assistant: Can I help you?

Chap #1: Can you do better than $55 on the bat. Say $45 in cash?

Shop Assistant: Oh

Chap #2: How about $45?

Shop Assistant: I don't think so.

Chap #2: $45's all we got.

Shop Assistant: But we would have bought it for an amount and I can't make a loss on it

Chap #2: Okay. (To Chap #1) We'll go and look somewhere else. $45's all we have

Shop Assistant: Hold on. I'll check what we can do

Shop Assistant goes and checks the computer. He returns

Shop Assistant: Sorry guys the best I can do is $40

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