Change your avatar, change the world

Once again we are being implored by the masses of friends that we lurk with in the social networkplace to stand up for something by changing our picture.  An easy, simple change that will speak volumes and through our massed community change the world

Yipeee that will solve everything! I am sure my latest twitribbon is saving the whales as we speak

Now let me say I am behind this cause, in fact I am behind most causes as nothing makes me angrier than injustice. I am so annoyed about injustice that I am one bat flying though a window away from long johns and a sidekick

My problems isn't with the what, or the why or even the who, my issue is the what next?

My issue is that for many people, this throw away showing of support is as far as they go. They feel by loudly, and proudly, showing their support they have done what needs to be done.

My issue is with the people who say But at least we are doing something with the word that speaking loudest in this phrase being at least

My issues is that saying something should just be the start. Not just an easy way to tick off your guilt, and become part of a massed voice all of which are one picture change away from forgetting what they were talking about in the first place.


Typing_Monkey said...

Conspicuous Compassion it's called. And it sucks.

Now my Skeletor avatar looks like it's part of some mass mewling by folks who think that a cartoon character will result in somebody please thinking of the children.

You can all fuck off with your "show your support if you know someone with cancer/thyroids/acne/the-hygiene-of-a-collectables-fair-attendee"

Steph said...

People should just promote making a donation to a charity, such as Unicef or the Aust. Children's Fund. Stupid memes.
And if you don't change your avatar, you look like an insensitive chump.