Things that haven't annoyed me so much this week

  • Hair fun. Go here and waste many hours playing with this chaps hair
  • Mr Shuffles. I visited Taronga Park Zoo, which i have renamed Taronga $$$$ Park Cash Register Zoo. I saw Mr Shuffle, ( or as he has been renamed Parti-hard Garth.) Yes, he is cute. Although i never saw him send a tweet.

  • Man defends farm with homemade artillery From 300 yards out, Yang Youde fired a relentless, non-stop barrage of artillery.  The new-and-improved fireworks exploded with tremendous noise, smoke and colors, and his farm suddenly turned from a peaceful fishing hole to Omaha fucking Beach in the span of about ten seconds
          Awesome. Go here for full story.
  • Twilight. Everyone knows I am not a fan of the stars of Twilight. But whats the movie about? Who cares! If you do, there's a brief outline here from the quite brilliant H. Anthony Hildebrand
  •  and something's need no title

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