Things that haven't annoyed me so much this week

  • Zombie cricket. Its simple. Its cricket against Zombies and you all know that's how its going to happen when the apocalypse comes. Highlight of this game is when you get to knock Pontings head off. Cause he's annoying. Go here
  • Festivals. I like festivals. I don't know why, cause i don't really like people but i do like them when they congregate together in the name of enjoying a festival.Tonight the Emerging Writers' Festival starts in the land of the festival, Melbournia. They have a cool online program for those people in the lesser states  Simultaneously that hot bed of creative weirdness Next Wave is on. Which leads me to their highlight

Magnificent. I am looking forward to the Labrador Chamber of Commerce because Labradors are nicey-nice

I am worried about this event though, at the Sydney Writers festival - A Wombat at My Table. Don't they know the horror?
  • Foreigner Starbucks Video. Old but rediscovered this week. Still good
  • The first rule of Moustache club is you talk about Moustache club

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