There's always that point of the weekend when you lose that theworldisahappysunnyniceynice place vibe and find yourself slipping into the oncoming working week. You start remembering your to-do list, mentally going through meetings and generally getting stressed. Sundayitis.

Once upon a time i was an artist (unemployed) and this didn't worry me as i could always call Second Sunday but now being a nine to five wage slave working for da man the weekend is a precious commodity. 

Of course when you take away the fact Friday is for recovery and Saturday morning is for jobs, you don't really get much of a weekend.

This has to change. And apologies to whoever made the week day schedule but frankly, not working for me.

Thus i am proposing a new format for the week to reduce the negative effect on the weekend.

Friday will now be the first day of the week. What better way to start your week than have your party-release night straight up. Everyone loves Friday night.There's happy hours galore and the footer is on TV

Thursday will be next both because it is really First Friday and its payday and it would be nice to have money for the week.

Tuesday will be the third day of the week. Tuesday is always an okay day so it will be okay here. Okay?

Wednesday is fourth day and will still officially be hump day. But now afterward you only have one day left. Brilliant!

Last day of the working week is of course Monday. Imagine the exultation when you have gotten through another crap Monday..then its the weekend. Excitements!


This will be starting next week.

I also propose an extra day for fun times and jobs, called Chertsy. Use as you will

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