Letter to little Jimmy AngryRantyPants

HI Jimmy

You may be surprised to get this letter seeing I am long since past and if you followed the instructions of my will, boiled into a vat of Beer.


As I write this you don't exist but I thought I should take this time to say sorry. Sorry :) ( That's a smiley face we use to use these when we didn't have time to write longer nice things. Kind of awkward aren't they?)

You see we are in the middle of this thing called Climate Change. You don't have it as you'd call it Climate Changed. Anyhoo we noticed the environment isn't fairly happy with what we have done over the last 50 years (i know! 50 years not long but there ya go.) Things moved very fast when I was your age. I know they don't for you anymore, I guess that's what happens without resources.

Anyway, people didn't believe in Climate Change, for a lot of reasons but mostly because we believed in money more. Oh we loved money. None of us ever had enough and a few of us had the vast majority of it. We used this money to buy big houses that we could lock our responsibility to each other out of, and we drove ridiculous big cars which insulated us from caring and we bought things. Just things. We loved things.

There was a moment, not a unique moment, but a moment where our leaders decided to put a price on carbon ( basically a pollution tax) as a step towards moving away from contributing to climate change but we argued. It wasn't a big moment or a noticeable moment but it was a moment where the people with a lot of money protected their money and the rest of us were made scared by them and our leaders followed a "party line". They liked to make us scared then. About so many things, seemingly everything outside of our ridiculously big houses.

It was a moment which passed.

It's a shame. So I imagine you have many reasons to fear now although little doubt of what the future will hold as we sorted that for you. I hope you don't fear though. I hope you learned hope and generosity and love and fellowship because I find it hard to find it today


Captain Angry Ranty Pants

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