How great are hashtags???!!! #frackinggfanstasticthatshowgreattheyare

Hashatgs are the reason twitter is so magnificent. No its not because its a 140 character limited opportunity to shout your inanities at the world.


You may tweet 
" I am folding the laundry" 
and people will realize you are part of the group of people looking for an alternative to talking with the cat and because you think people are really interested about your home making skills or the fact you wash on a Tuesday

or you could tweet 
" I am folding the laundry #justinbieber" 
and you would suddenly be part of a tsunami eave of emotion from people around the world who would suddenly try and download the new " i am folding the sheets " track from the Bieber

or you could tweet 
" I am folding the laundry #qanda" 
and lets face it you'd have a good chance to have it shown on TV as its as intelligent/ relevant and fair minded as any of the other drivel they telecast (1)

or maybe you could express yourself with 
" I am folding the laundry #facepalm" 
and we would all feel your pain while simultaneously you would show you are hip with da lingo. ROFL! o_O and of course HUTST (2)

or you could go the whole hog and tweet 
"I am folding the laundry #HeyBitchesitsBrittney
and you would prove why hashtags are the best thing. ever. #ever

1. Speaks a two time telecasted QANDA tweeter #ihaveadanceidowhenithappens
2. Which may admittedly have just been made up by me #casueiamthathip


MaidInAustralia said...

I hate it when I'm on Facebook or emailing someone and can't do a hashtag. Sometimes I still do it just for the hell of it. Perhaps it's a trend that will take off #hopeful #lovehastags

Captain Angry Ranty Pants said...

I agree #ido. Facebook is lacking them #anditssecuritysucks. #cheese

strange times said...

I can't find you on twitter. What's your user name. I think I'm getting the cap'tn or the Cpt'n or Cpt'n wrong.
I pissed myself everytime I read one of your tweets. Actual urine.

Captain Angry Ranty Pants said...

try angryrantypants

strange times said...

Thanks. Got it. Urinated.