Things that haven't annoyed me so much this week

  • Zombie Harmony A Zombie dating site, because the apocalypse doesn't have to be lonely

  • Crank texts Guy randomly texts numbers until he gets a response. Hilarious. Go here
  • Things you should know A blog telling you everything you need to know grammatically. For example - Who vs. Whom. It’s a fucking pronoun battle for the ages.
Here’s the (slightly involved) deal: Who acts as a subject (the motherfucker doing some shit), while 
Whom acts as an object (the motherfucker having shit done to him). For most people the subject/object distinction is a tricky one, because “subject” and “object” sound like technical grammar jargon. Chill.

1. The weathermen predict clear skies.
2. I packed up my bathing suit.
3. If I see a fucking raincloud, I will find a weatherman and I will kick his dick inside-out.

In sentence one, the weathermen (subject) predict (do the action), while the clear skies (object) are predicted (receive the action).

In sentence two, I (subject) do the action, while my bathing suit receives the action.

And so on.
1. Who predicted clear skies?
2. Who packed up my bathing suit?
3. If you see a raincloud, whom will you kick in the dick?

Do you have to know that distinction to properly use Who and Whom? No, you lazy shit-bar. Here’s the trick Mrs. Roberts taught me in 5th grade:

 Method:To determine proper usage of who/whom, separate the who/whom clause and pose it as a question. If that question can be answered with “he”, use “who”; if it can be answered with “him”, use “whom”.

Examples: Who/whom ate my goddamn latkes and applefuckingsauce? (HE did. Use Who.)
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