The Captain watches for you

Undercover Boss
 Insert one portly middle manager preferably also balding

Scene with concerned/ bemused/ stuffed ironically names co-managers. All with blank pads and useful expressions.

Goes undercover (Read: grows beard and/ or puts on cap)

Does first job
shock! Despite university degree he can't do the simplest of his companies jobs. What! Dumb people have skills? Oh dear!
Gets sacked.
Does second job
Does better and has chat with employee who tells him sob story. Insert possible dead relative into story. Preferably child. sadface
Does third job
Meets youngster with a dream determined to work his way to to the top who reminds him of himself and/ or inspirational funny (most probably fat) person who makes him a laugh

Goes back to real life (ie loses hat, and/or has a shave)
Token meeting with co-managers who look interested
Meets coworkers
names a program after one
Gives holiday to another
gives the third ridiculous promotion that eh will ultimately be sacked from

meets all staff (Or the photogenic ones) in a video presentation which wouldn't cope a you tube mention

everyone is happy and all have 'grown'

End show

 Have you bought the Captain a drink for Febfast yet?

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