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Postcard from Prague

Prague. Even the name sounds steeped in history.

I am in Prague….
I am going to Prague….
When I was in Prague

Try it with Mouth Gambier in the title and you’ll get the gist. It’s classy, and not in a 70’s matching jumpsuit sort of way (not that there is anything wrong with that sort of classy) more in a regal we got a lot of history sort of way.

The Charles Bridge, the Prague Castle, the Horoscope clock, the Museum with the bullet holes, that square which name eludes me as I type this but its where the revolution kicked off…. heck even their revolution was classy (and not in a permed and high heels sort of way )  -the velvet revolution! If I had a choice of revolution that’s the one I am going to be in. It’s a good place.

And their beer is 50p per pint. For those without good currency conversions skills, that’s not a lot for a heck of lot of beer. It is in fact the cheapest drink and as a backpacker with a limited budget I had to save my pennies.

Hence why my recollection of Prague includes such memories as “that square which name eludes me as I type this but it’s where the revolution kicked off” Yep, details not good but id o have quite a good knowledge of Prague beer. Do you know they have a purity law!

Yes I was pissed for ten days in Prague. I have some memories. Mostly of a whopping beer hangover as I landed in London (sorry not a classy name BTW) I remember the Charles Bridge which is over the Staropramen River, Prague castle with the famous Budvar ballroom plus the monument to Pilsner Urquell in the centre square near where that clock with the pint glasses go round and everyone takes photos off. Burp

It’s a lovely place. Seriously

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