I liked them before they were famous

Oh you like I liked them before they were famous

Is there anything more pratty, more annoying, more donker like than this line (1) Usually delivered by some dickhead who is desperately clawing onto their coolness as they become as relevant as beta max (look it up kids. Not relevant)

Just because you happened to be in a bar when this band was playing seeing your boyfriend/ girlfriends failed pop/ polka fusion band doesn't make you any better of a person. It was just plain lucky. And there are no awards for being an early adopter. None. Its not like evolution, just cause you grow legs and walk first it doesn't mean you wont end up back in the primordial shit like the rest of us (2)

And do you think the band will care that you knew them before they were famous? They are probably embarrassed by their early albums! Have you listened to U2's Boy? Have you! And we all know the "i knew them since" is only the first line in the paragraph that ends " i liked their older stuff better than their newer stuff"

Who cares when you made your opinion. Does it influence me? No.

Nearly as annoying is

I know someone in the band

Anyone who most point out they know anyone famous is quite obviously a prat. And not famous, although secretly they aspire for fame. But there is no benefit from name dropping dipshit! AND WHY WOULD YOU WANT TO BE FAMOUS!


(1) Well yes, and i have pointed most of them out but for the sake of this argument lets say yes.
(2) To be honest I don't understand that metaphor either but work with me. I'm ranting

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