I like Twitter, I really do.

but it upsets me when you say something funny/ extremely pithy/ vaguely wise for 5 people to see it before it gets lost in a tidal wave of tweet

or to put it in twitter terms

@sydneycafes New info on kid-friendly #cafes in #Sydney #kidfriendly #childfriendly #restaurants less than 20 seconds ago via bitly. sun_doll Both my parents are terrible with time zones - Cindy moves them the opposite way and dad just forgets/gets the time differences wrong. half a minute ago via mobile web. mparent77772 The Imperial Anatomy of Al-Qaeda. The CIA’s Drug-Running Terrorists and the “Arc of Crisis” less than a minute ago via bitly. @sun_doll I can't seem to shake off the last of this flu... But at least i wished my dad a happy fathers day and corrected his time zone mistake... 2 minutes ago via mobile web. @Brightestdaydc Green Lantern Bitch Slaps Superman In Fight after Fight... #comics @curvyvintage OTTERS!!! RT @HuffingtonPost: Otters: The Animal That Gets Cuter With Anger (PHOTOS) 3 minutes ago via Twitter for iPhone @juliebenz RT @RevRunWisdom: Just because u miss sum1 doesn't mean they belong in ur life! #letemgo! -TheSW 3 minutes ago via ƜberTwitter @OverdoseCupcake Ex is dropping kids off early. They were grumpy and wanted me? Ah well means I can take them to an advanced screening of Despicable Me :D 4 minutes ago via TweetDeck @ BaRsInSyDnEy Sydney cocaine boom - now averaging 80 arrests per month #cocaine #ecstacy #drugs #sydney 4 minutes ago via bitly @sawbonesonline Was there any fallout from that qld lib nat kid's racist/homophobic remarks? Couldn't find it in the news 7 minutes ago via mobile web @georgiaporgia Here is a dad joke in honour of my old man: Two snowmen standing in a field. One says to the other, "Do you smell carrots?" #fathersday 15 minutes ago via Twitter for iPhone @AngryTrvlGurl Driving around Downtown: Me: OMG! There's a dead guy back there! @angryrantypants It upsets me when you say something funny/ extremely pithy/ vaguely wise for 5 people to see it before it gets lost in a tidal wave of tweet @TehBestMomEvah: That's it, we're flipping a bitch. Love my friends. 17 minutes ago via HootSuite @boredolives Dom is back online after a week off. It's been tough. New post up. 19 minutes ago via Facebook @DaveCarr @adrianzaslona It's called a Retweet. Perhaps you've heard of it. 23 minutes ago via web in reply to adrianzaslona Retweeted by g0ofgnewt @gingerandhoney Toast, coffee, vitamins. Preemptive strike. 22 minutes ago via Tweetie for Mac @mutemonkey Have bought Rumpole a copy of the Good Food Guide every Fathers Day for the last 15+ yrs. Nice of The Age to always publish it just in time! 23 minutes ago via web @bellaboogaloo Love hurts, but some times its a good hurt and I feel like I'm alive... 23 minutes ago via Echofon @ mparent77772 Obama reflects on jobs 'We're moving in the right direction." Forgets to mention the net job loss of 54K in August 24 minutes ago via bitly @Captainsuburbia So who left the mouse pointer in the background screencap? #abcnews24 24 minutes ago via Twitter for iPhone @clembasto Bummer, dudes. Out of muslin and lemons/limes. That'll be an hour's shopping/travel time cut into my jamming, ARGH!! #royalshow 26 minutes ago via web @mrgrumpystephen Mel Gibson as Tony Abbott RT @markjohnsonaus: #auswaits #ausvotes ...which actors would they choose to play each politician. 27 minutes ago via Echofon @mspiratesocks indulging in serious #creastination today. better than lying in bed denying the world but prob not as constructive as what I SHOULD be doing 27 minutes ago via mobile web @starsnostars updating my resume is torture. i hate condensing years of skills and experience into a single paragraph no one will read. 30 minutes ago via web @mspiratesocks last night guy said he was one of 1st myki users bc he's an early adopter. fri: I used it taking the piss. sat: he was serious #techhead! 34 minutes ago via mobile web @sflyons Story about small booksellers troubles on Inside Business, ABC1, sometime in the next 15 minutes. #ABC1 37 minutes ago via web     


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