An open letter

Dear makers of the highoctanemovieevent television show called Rush

I don't mind your show (although it's no Undercover Boss) and on occasion  I have watched it but something does constantly plague me about it.

What exactly is the brief for this squad of police? Drive around in their four wheel drives and do general acts of law enforcement good?

Surely they have a little bit of a briefing of what they are there to do? Surely you wouldn't have a elite force who just did things? It does seem they do everything from hostage negotiation to chasing people to some occasional shouting type activities. I am sure a future episode will be set in the dangerous world of school crossings or traffic infringements.

Now I will skip over the fact that you only have a squad of 8 with some dodgy recruiting practices (in the first season your master negotiator was a 20 year old but she's dead now so that's all chipper) So you have 8 or so cops, a grumpy office manager and the guy from the secret life watching multiple screens of who knows what. Their average age is 23 and they all seem to be worried abut something other which does make me  awee bit nervous about the fact they have hi powered weaponry in the boot of their cars

Is there a night shift? They all do seem to go home at the same time and continue their sexual tension or continue their grumpy angst. What happens if good is needed to be done after 8pm? Does TV guys sit there all the time downloading porn just in case something happens? Does Iamsotough grumpy bitch pinch hit at night?

You have to admit it is a little perplexing

So imagining this was a real police force, what did the personnel advert say?

We are looking for grumpy cops with a chip on their shoulder to drive around Melbourne and do things. Shouting necessary. No one over the age of 25

Hmmm, seems a little bit vague

Now look at that great show Undercover Boss. A simple believable brief

We are looking for god loving bosses to do random acts of kindness to poor employees with no real lasting changes to their work place

See simple, direct and believable


Captain AR Pants Esq.

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