Things that haven't annoyed me so much this week

  • Wampa Rug. 

Magnificent. And this one comes with an offer.

If you would like to be photographed naked on the Wampa rug, then send an email to make the appropriate arrangements. Please include the subject heading: "I would like to be photographed naked on a wampa rug". If I have enough responses I will publish a coffee table book entitled,  
"I Was Naked on a Wampa Rug. Vol I."

  • Mark Storen's Cut to the Quick If you like your cabaret unconventional, sung by someone with the voice of an angel but the heart of the devil this is the one to come and see next Saturday night (18th of September)
     Here's a preview

    and some details

    An original, demented cabaret, that takes a peek at unrequited love gone wrong. From the milkman who finds the shoes on the other foot, to a man who's lover leaves him for the Eiffel tower, this interactive, chaotic, musical adventure examines the plight of the jilted lover.

    "If Martyn Jacques ever pulled the pin from the Tiger Lillies, his two confreres could do a lot worse than give Mark Storen a call to replace him." The West Australian.

    Mark Storen's A Drunken Cabaret, **** Time Out New York/ 2009 New York International Fringe festival.

    "A Philosophical and funny look at the taboo space where love turns homicidal. Impressively Incorrect." Mark Storen's A Drunken Cabaret, **** The Advertiser, Adelaide Fringe 2008

    Come along. I'll be there.

    While thinking about it listen to this classic.  Stab u by Mark Storen
    • Sulking Sam Worthington Brilliant. Go here for all of them

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