Things that haven't annoyed me so much this week

  • The Levant and her Neighbors.  In the world of seemingly never ending travel blogs it easy to get a bit blaise and through that not discover the gems. I really enjoyed this one and was lucky enough to read it as it unfolded. Go and have a read, its a worthy way to spend an hour or so
  • What the fuck is a sloth? Brilliant. Go here for the truth 
  • Melbourne Fringe. I love fringes and have a special place in my grumpy heart for this one. Here's the Captains quick picks after my quick look through online
  1. The Lounge Room Conflaburators
  2. Women of Letters
  3. Sammy J's new show
  4. Passion Pop
  5. Notes from Hell
  6. Mrs Bang
  7. Dances with worms
  8. Babble
  9.  Floating Narrative\
  10. the-hermitude of angus ecstatic
Not an exhaustive list and not a biased one either I must add. A combination of good concepts, intriguing ideas and artists whose work I admire or am curious to see where it has gone to now.

Go on, go and see some shows. Book early and excite the artists. And for every friends show you see, why not see another of someone you don't know.
    • Blobble wars Say goodbye to the rest of the afternoon. Play it here  
    • This picture chokes me up every time I look at it

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