Diary from Dullsville

I am spending a few days in the land that time forget ( Perth) and have found myself with a Friday night in Seaview Heights(1) and have decided to visit the local shops and dine. Why not!

Ayudha Thai restaraunt 
  • Cuisine: Thai
  • Are they kidding? a little
  • Bae Marie. yes but empty. Design feature?
  • Menu photocopied with no obvious bad use of apostrophes
  • best dish crunch fried chicken
  • ambiance a great range of pictures, a Buddhist shrine and plastic tables but like a mini food hall
  • chance for salmonella keep the toilet door open
Koh -i- Noor 
  • Cuisine: Indian
  • Are they kidding? its Indian although don't tell anyone from India
  • Bae Marie. No
  • Menu Printed but overeliance on clipart
  • best dish Paneeer Jhal Frazi   (only cause it sounds like an Indian rapper)
  • ambiance like a supermarket with tables
  • chance for salmonella low but you never know your luck in the suburbs
Oriental Sunny 
  • Cuisine: uhmmmm...chinese?
  • Are they kidding?a little but asuburban Chinese is its own country at the best of times
  • Bae Marie. Yes.
  • Menu photocopied and written over with multiple inappropriate apostrophes and spelling mistakes
  • best dish Dry style beef
  • ambiance chinese suburban (you've been there. You know you have)
  • chance for salmonella high to bed ridden
I am now off to deal with my oncoming stomach cramps and the inevitable shut down of my digestion

(1) Name changed for reasons of making it seem better than it is

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