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Hello to my 9 regular readers (1)

I wrote this insightful first posting in April 2007 when I started my Rants. Why Captain Angry Ranty Pants? Not for reasons of protecting my identity ,although it came that later, I just thought any name with Captain and pants in was funny.

Life was different then, unsurprisingly, I was freelancing my backside off and thought blogging might be a useful exercise to keep me focused. I eked out 8 until July at which time I took up a position working with, or more appropriately for, writers. Which surprisingly was a blog killer. Why? A combination of time and constantly being surrounded by amazing writers. Between then and the end of that job I did a few more posts. 9 in all. Bit crap really, both in output and quality. Heck one is a reprint of an earlier one.

In this period of blog silence I discovered Twitter (thank you Grumpy Girrl) but mainly tweeted for work. Although I did sneak out a couple of character accounts who amused me 140 characters at a time (and still do)

In May this year I started blogging again, inspired by the people I'd worked with at my previous job as well as a response to the fact that the job moved on without me and a way to deal with my feelings of that. Also it was partially to kick start my long dormant writing (which may be more dead than dormant) and provide a creative side to my present job.

It's grown from laboriously written pieces of what I misguidedly thought was anger which I hoped had a point to stream of consciousness rants, some absolute outpouring of anger and a hefty slice of surrealism ( plus lots more dogs than I would have suspected). I discovered guest posts with each guest poster writing articles I could only dream off and I have amused myself with restaurant reviews ( And no I have never been paid/ or got a free meal from the restaurants. Bless the person who asked me if I did)

I started this post to ask you, the brave reading few, what you liked, what you wanted and what I could do more of and while I do care about your answers, I have realised writing this, like writing the blog itself, can be enough. That asking the question is in it self an answer.That while you can look at stats, wait for comments and hope for feedback sometimes it's the doing that matters.

Hey. Thanks for reading


Captain AR Pants esq

PS Don't fear, back to ranting from next post

1. arguably most of which could be me looking at my site in admiration of my Post labels, which I do so love

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