Isn't it so trendy to have your own blog these days, oh we really need to hear what your ever so considered opinion is on everything oh blah blah blah aren't we wise and informed. What has made this self interested, egocentric form of masturbatory publication become so popular? Is it because any suburb residing half wit with a cheap personal computer and a phone line to a company serviced by call centre employees from India who use faded C Grade stars, can access pages of free space and just type any old poops that we like. Oh joy.We don't care! There is a reason why you haven't been given access to wider circulated forms of communication! and if you have and you have a blog, do something better with your time.

And people who comment on other peoples blogs just to highlight their own blogs really annoy me.,

and i am not posting this to be ironic. i hate irony. As a an idea and i hate the spelling of it, it looks wrong.

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