An open letter

It was one of the most profoundly disappointing moments of my life when I realised that the primary human motivator was selfishness.

That all of us, or the vast majority, only can see the here and now not the if and maybe. That the word community is a description of your street, your sporting team and your friends not a guiding belief for how to deal with people world wide. That generosity is a response to consumerism and event days and the occasional donation not a state of being.

What happened to the easy going country of fair go and mateship? Did it never exist? What happened to this land of migrants? Did we take turns closing the gates behind us? Doesn't being the lucky country imply that anyone could, or should share in that luck or are we running a fixed lottery here?

I understand that money in your pocket, your trip to work and your local servcies are all important but surely you can all look a bit bigger picture than that? Can you? How can it be that this country that has not known struggle, or conflict on its shores, this land of opportunity and wealth to the point of excess cannot look beyond its navel?

Is it time to look at what an Australian is and take away  our thoughts of us as a bush dwelling knockabout sort of people and face the reality we are a mean spirited group of city dwellers defending our little allotments of luxury

Is it your fault? Are Australians naturally selfish?

Is it your fault when your leaders play to you and your fears. When your leaders do not show us any leadership, any vision for moving forward rather placating your irrational fears. Is it chicken or the egg? Are we in a vicious circle of selfishness?

Should we blame all our leaders, be they political or cultural for at the end of the day only being interested in their own concerns? Or should we blame ourselves.

I don't know

Disappointed that I have to ask the question though

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