A new tax

I realise no one likes taxes. They are a ridiculous imposition on how everyday life. How dare we be asked to pay anything!
I hear you and understand.

But I have an idea for a new tax. A tax that can take the burden of all of us, a tax that can fund our underfunded sections of society. A tax that we can all get behind.

The Dickhead Tax

Do you drive a 4wd and have never left the bitumen?

Do you have a pram which has two levels and/ or a cup holder?

Do you talk on your mobile phone while driving?

Do you wear leggings as pants?

Have you watched every season of Dancing with the Stars?

Are you my year nine friend Anthony?

Have no idea the difference between your and you're?

Do you support the West Coast Eagles?

Do you wear your hands free kit at all times?

If you answered yes to any of these, you will have to pay an income tested GST (1)

Think about it Australia. It's time

(1) Great Stupidhead Tax

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