You shit me

Guest post by Grumpy Girrrl

This week I’ve been to a naturopath, a kinesiologist  and have consumed vast quantities of ayurvedic (1) calming tea. I felt all peaceful and floaty in the sea of chaos that surrounds me.

I thought I’d lost the will to rant.

And then, lady, yes you, you passed me. Coughing everywhere like your hands were better utilised hanging by your hips, than say, covering your mouth and keeping your goddam swine flu to yourself.

Well that’s hundreds of  non-health-fund-refundable-cos-you-deem-them-lunatic-fringe-treatments dollars down the drain. Sigh.

Grumpy Girrrl 

(1) Named after that famous Viking raider Ayurvedic the Prolific, 342AD. Captain Angry Ranty Pants

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