Snapshots of dipshits

Knock on door

Courier enters with a box

Captain Angry Ranty Pants read box

CAPTAIN: That’s not for us

COURIER: It has your name on it?

CAPTAIN: That’s the name of our building but its not for our organisation

COURIER: It says Felicity?

CAPTAIN; I am clearly not Felicity

COURIER: She work here?

CAPTAIN: No. It has on it the address second floor of our building. We are the ground floor

COURIER: You sure?

CAPTAIN: We don’t have a Felicity, we aren’t on the second floor thus it isn’t for us

COURIER; Are you sure?

CAPTAIN: Do you know who it is from?

Stunned silence

Courier turns over parcel and helpfully points at  label that’s says Plain A4 sheets

COURIER; Maybe them?

Captain realises this isn’t the Courier being funny

CAPTAIN; I cant sign for this. It isn’t for us

COURIER; Can Felicity sign?

Repeat script again from pretty much the start


AngryTrvlGurl said...

Felicity, I thought we had talked about you not signing for packages... ::sigh::

Grumpygirrrl said...

snorting with laughter