Things that haven't annoyed me so much this week

  • Circumstances Where Whipping It Should Be Considered A Brilliant resource you all should use 

  • Ruby Chewsday It's not just that this blog is charming, wryly funny and new on the scene that I draw your attention to it. No. It's because Ruby Chewsday is one of the most awesomenesst (yes its not a word. Piss off word nazis) dog names in the history of dog names. In fact I  declare it the best dog name ever alongside Chairman Miaow as the best cat name 

    and he's cute. (although he would be cuter with a big dog next to him)

  • The Big Hoo Ha Starts in Melbourne tonight. Admittedly it's booked out for tonight but its on for another 9 weeks. Why should you go? Cause its impro unlike any other impro in Melbourne. Go. See. Laugh. Drink. Have fun.

    They have a Facebook page here. Join and hopefully they won't shower you with Farmville requests

    Polar Bears Eating Watermelons July is National Watermelon Month! Who knew? Who cares? (Probably not the watermelons cause they are getting eaten)  Anyway here are some pictures of polar bears eating watermelons. 


    Snoop Dogg Tried to Rent Liechtenstein. Enough said. The man is indeed awesome.

    Snoop was reportedly trying to shoot a music video in the tiny Western European country, but was rebuffed ... and not because trying to rent an entire country is a crazy thing to do. Says Liechtenstein property agent Karl Schwaerzler, "We've had requests for places and villages but never one to hire the whole country before. It would have been possible, but Snoop Dogg's management did not give us enough time." It would have been possible!


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