Tell me why?

Can you please tell me why people go up (or down) the wrong way on escalators?

  1. is it because it is there?
  2. is it because their life has so little adventure that they chose this as its pinnacle?
  3. shouldn't they go out more or collect something?
  4. is it a rebellion to the structured order of the shopping center?
  5. is it really that much fun?
  6. can you put it on your resume?
  7. has it moved us forward either culturally, socially or intellectually?
  8. does it get anyone laid?
  9. did Karen Luton mean me no harm when she bit me in grade 5? 
  10. is there a secret sect of those who escalator run that meet on quasi-regular occasions and brag about the time they ran up the Prague Underground?
  11. do they keep minutes at these meetings? 
  12. are the meetings catered and does any of the catered food not come from Subway?
  13. will it replace Parkour in the list of ridiculous sports?
  14. or is it really the coming out ceremony for the newly anointed dickhead?

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