Tell me why

Can you tell me Mr Taxi Driver why...

  1. you have a GPS and still get lost?
  2. every trip to or from the airport has mystery costs?
  3. you have GPS and you don't use it?
  4. you try and tip yourself by rounding up?
  5. you have a GPS but I still have to direct you?
  6. you don't listen to those directions?
  7. despite my destination being on the way to your home you won't pick me up if I am last ride of the day?
  8. you insist on taking a phone call and talking loudly?
  9. you smell a little on the, how can I put it, funky side?
  10. your eftpos never seems to work when I want to use a card?
  11. you stop where ever you want regardless of traffic or road rules?
  12. you insist on chatting with me when I clearly have nothing to say to you?
  13. the road rules do not apply to you?
PS the taxi driver on Tuesday who didn't know where Elizabeth st, Sydney was. I will be tipping every taxi I catch for the next month who does know as a protest to your dimness.

PPS Don't be so shit

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Ms Darlinghurst said...

Why do they feel they have the right to past comment as you and your friend get out of a taxi and say which one they think is better looking. "brown is better than blonde" so far...