Guest Post by Grumpy Girrrl

I have a thing or two to say on leggings. Well more specifically, leggings as trousers. Pants. Outerwear. I thought it was a passing fad, something that the fickle-fashioned-youth in their slender-bodied world would rapidly embrace and reject.

It was around 2 years ago I had that thought.  I fear that it is now more prevalent than ever before. Today I saw a fuller figured 30-something sporting a pair in downtown Sydney. And yesterday a junior colleague was in a floral pair. In the office. With nary a skirt types garment to shield my tortured eyeballs.

PEOPLE where are your STANDARDS?

So here’s the thing. Leggings don’t look good on anyone without the corresponding level of coverage. Not even the young and slender. But I do uphold their right to clothe themselves in a way that is challenging to my extreme-late-twenties sartorial sense. Isn’t that in the position description for those young folk?

But I draw the line when those who are old enough and large enough to know better, don the legging in this way. It’s lazy and sloppy and in no way flattering. That long cardy does not make it right, or stylish, or acceptable on any level.   I don’t care how comfortable you are, put your leggings under a skirt and remember that their primary purpose is in creating a trans-seasonal outfit. 
Grumpy Girrrl
I agree. Especially the leggings which have pockets on them! What good are they? You can't put your wallet in them or your hands. What next? Printed belts? Then stencilled flies. Whats a prebuscent chap to do but be confused! Stupid! Captain Angry Ranty Pants


spacechix said...

As the girls on Go Fug Yourself would say, look into pants.

Also, worse than leggings? Jeggings.

Captain Ranty Pants said...

Just curiously Googled jeggings

Got this chilling result

About 360,000 results (0.22 seconds)

Anonymous said...

i saw a pair of leggings in glebe the other day which had back pockets PRINTED on the derriere... i was not fooled, although I was forced to take a second glance to be certain of what I was seeing