Hooray for...Balmain!!!

Hooray for Balmain. It is indeed a wondrous place

Hooray for its tight windy streets and its happy go lucky inhabitants who love to fling their over sized motor vehicles around corner with no regards for polite turning etiquette.

Hooray for their over sized vehicles and the fact they balance their eco-savagery with health food shops and a can do green attitude

Hooray for the people who drive the length of the suburb to park in the free park then catch the bus thinking they are being eco-friendly

Hooray for their green attitude and the "help yourself if you are short ' coin jar on the shops counters

Hooray for never paying for a coffee again!

Hooray for their Green council who wants to put an electrical substation in every park in the suburb and promotes their achievements with printed pamphlets.

Hooray for their tradesman and their witty business names like "Get hammered, " Nailing it" and "Trading up"

Hooray for their redevelopment of every square feet of every house in every street.

Hooray for gentrification.

Hooray for a community that brings multiculturalism full circle

Hooray for Balmain

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