An open letter

Dear Ridley Scott,
In regards to your latest blockbuster - Robin Hood
Shit. Seriously. Crap
 A few dot points why
  1.  It wasn't even close to the Robin Hood story. Which is forgivable if your replacement made me go "gees I wish this was the Robin Hood story" But i didn't. For two reasons (1) your story was shit and (2) i never use the phrase gees
  2. You had arguably 90 minutes of movie which you massaged into 2:40hrs worth of self important quasi political drizzle. Its like a bloated reality TV show which takes an hour to tell you what you could know in 10 minutes.
  3. The Robin Hood legend does mention a little more archery than in this movie
  4. Rusty Crowes Accent? Its about as English as Nicole Kidmans is Australian
Please return my money spent on this movie ( I also bought a popcorn but am happy to cover that cost as it had more substance, character development and plot than your movie and as such was more enjoyable)

Now go and sit yourself down and watch Alien. Which is arguably closer to the Robin Hoods story than this one (1)

Congrats on your impending Rotten Tomato award btw. 


Captain Angry Ranty Pants

1. Not really but so angry I am not making much sense

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