An open letter

Dear everyone associated with he’s not that into you

I would like my money back ($11 Australian) as I have recently seen your film and it was nothing like the preview I saw. I am expressing my displeasure

The preview led me to believe that
  1. it was a funny lighthearted comedy, edging on rom com (a genre I don’t particularly like but can go into if its an ensemble piece or doesn’t have Hugh Grant in it)
  2. It had a lot of Drew Barrymore in. An actor who I respect both for her comic timing, always playing the same character and the fact she marries some very unique individuals
  3. a clever expose on the 21st century dating world including online dating.
Now lets admit it
  1. not funny.
  2. Drew not in it enough, and despite the over exposure of Scarlett. I think this is an inexcusable omission. I know Jen Anniston has good comic timing, plays the same character and has gone out with some unique individuals but she hasn’t married them thus the problem. John Mayer is no Tom Green
  3. One scene about My Spacing doesn’t not make a clever expose. It was more an awkward attempt by some 40 something’s to be hip
There was much more to dislike but I will leave my rantings to your obvious breaking of the contract between us vis a vis the preview and the movie.

Congratulations though on not casting Lindsay Lohan or featuring Penguins, two movie techniques I despise. Also please pass my compliments to the Art Director for making it really obvious who lived in each house by the design. It’s nice to see work experience kids get a shot these days and it was lovely of your associate producers to write the script. Writers? Pointless.

But back to the preview, something that should in some way fairly represent the movie otherwise you are a dirtystinkingnogoodliar and if that’s the way you want to operate well so be it. But you won’t have any friends. Not even Paris Hilton. and shes friends with anyone. Anyone.

Now some movies I know will have shown me all the jokes in the preview and I don’t need to see it (reference any movie by Adam Sandler, Jim Carreys later work and the Ice Age trilogy) but I really think you have let me down in this instance.

I expect an apology, a refund and a undertaking that the next film preview you make won’t be so obviously wrong or a complete removal from the movie industry business.
Yours truly,
Captain Ranty Pants

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