Things that haven't annoyed me so much this week

  1. Online petition to save Paris Hilton; Frankly i am just impressed she has that many friends and fan who can write
  2. Online petition to make sure Paris Hilton serves her jail term. Some thing's just make sense
  3. City of Poo. Melbourne is using so much grey water the sewerage isn't flowing and causing odours. The world of tomorrow people, the world of tomorrow
  4. Cane Toad; One found in Melbourne. Super good fun. Hope he likes the smell of poo
  5. Foozy Boo; He's a friend for me and you


Ranty Pantsboy said...

Good to see someone being positive online. Why does everyone always go onto the interweb to whinge? It drives me freaking spare. These no-good stinky netnerds have nothing better to do with their lives than pick one obscure blog after another and complain in endless, paragraph-less prose about whatever has got their goat, or even borrowed their goat for a few minutes and promised to give it back happy, milked, well fed and with a brushed coat. But it's not good enough for these webcnuts! No! They had to spend a WHOLE TEN MINUTES without their goat! Freaking Microsoft! Snodding Telstra! WHAT ARE YOU DOING WITH THE GOATS? WE PAY GOOD MONEY ok I'm calm again now. Goodnight.

Meaty Doughnuthead said...

That ranty pantsboy is complaining about complainers. What an idiot! He should just shut up, like everybody else who complains. Oh, woops, that was a complaint, wasn't it! Argh! I'm an idiot! Damn! Now I'm complaining about my own complaint about a complaint about complaints! Help! My brain is turning into a meaty doughnut!

Anonymous said...


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