An Open Letter

Dear Australians

What is happening in America is equal parts amazing, exciting and scary.

The people who are not supported with a minimum wage, a fair healthcare system, a free education by their debt riddled government are amassing Boston tea party style to create change. Amazing. The conditions for the lower class, and the size of that class, In America is shocking. I am not in a position to speak to it at depth but I can say it is not Australia.

I do not deny we have people making too much and too many people in poverty. But we are not America.

Their government bailed out the banks when the GFC hit, ours gave the people money to spend to generate activity for our economy. A simplistic contrast? Yes but simply put we are not America

Lets take a look at our middle class lives of privilege and take a moment before we storm the streets. Because quite honestly there are many many other things in our society we should be massing to demand change for rather than mimicking the outrage and protest of another Country which we are not

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Smelle said...

Very true.

I’m Australian but I’m living in Canada at the moment and it is amazing how different it is here. They barely went into a recession after the financial crises, they have a higher minim wage, amazing healthcare system, state sponsored childcare and other public policies.

Knowing that over the border things are that much worse really is food for thought.