Foiling Facebook

Despite evidence to the contrary i don't mind Facebook. 

It's an easy way to 'catch' up with a whole lot of people you don't really want to catch up with and it means you never have to sit through another friends holiday slideshow or baby album ever again. A few quick likes and they all think you are genuinely interested. Rock!

Of course some people do have a few tiny secrecy concerns. "Bah humbug" says the man who hides behind the visage of a dwarf and the rank of Angry. Who really cares about a little bit of data mining when the phone in your pocket is providing far more information than Facebook would ever do? (and lets face it every thing you complained about a year ago you now don't blink an eyelid at now)

But despite my cavalier attitude the Captain has developed a few fun strategies to foil the information gatherers at Facebook.

  1. Change location. I 'live' in Puerto Mejillones, Magallanes Y De La Antártica Chilena. Its sunny, a little latino and means none of my adverts are in English. Hola!
  2. Be variable on your birthday. I like to have two a year. It not just for the fun of all the wall posts. My next is the 19th of November. I will be 19.
  3. Change your school. I had a great time at MLC Ladies College and was known as Gherkin by the Gurls there
  4. Ditto for university
  5. Have a long and storied career at places you never worked in dates when you were too young to work there. 
  6. Tag yourself in as many photos as possible except the ones you are in. It's good to create a high level confusion about what you look like
  7. Whenever you get the 'so and so and so and so are now friends' message, comment "but why" admittedly this wont stop data mining but you gotta admit it's fun
  8. Make as many of your friends part of your family. 
Of course the easiest way to foil facebook is to leave it  or 'leave' it which means you will be back in 8 months with some dodgy reason why "i came back for the chat function" 

and to finish with, here is a picture of a doggie with biscuits in its mouth.

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