First world problems

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I'm not saying that the fact that you got wet to work isn't important or that your email in tray isn't full of worrying things or that the fact you may have to wait for five minutes for your Saturday brunch isn't a tragedy. 

I'm not saying that.

and yes i think $9 for a lunch from a food hall is too much to spend and that the fact you have to clean on the weekend is annoying and what! and your sports team will lose on the weekend. and, and ! you haven't had holidays in seven months!  That's a tragedy

That is a tragedy.

Like this

So its time for the Captain Angry Ranty Pants challenge. Pick an amount of money that you don't blink at having or not having be it $2 or $5 or $10. I picked $5

Then count your last 50 Twitter updates and every time you complain about a first world problem you donate that amount to your East African charity of choice. Or you can use UNICEF (Someone can keep me honest and count mine and comment and I will donate that amount.)

Or of course you don't have to it. 

Pretend its someone else problem, or thats it always happens so why should you donate now or that you don't have the money right now. Whatever you need to justify doing nothing. But know sometime over the weekend these facts will come back to you and it will pop into your head with the question "Just how much money did I waste this weekend on middle class nothings"

In addition to lack of food and water, malnourished children are even more susceptible to potential deadly diseases such as measles, malaria, diarrhoea and pneumonia. And with one of the lowest immunisation rates in the world, malaria and measles epidemics are expected when the rains come in October.UNICEF is urgently working to scale up measles vaccination to 2.5 million children in Somalia, as well as immunising children against polio, measles and worms in Kenya and Ethiopia. UNICEF is also expanding the provision of safe water and sanitation by drilling boreholes, trucking in water tankers and providing vouchers to be exchanged for waterMany of the 800,000 children who are currently displaced due to the drought and conflict are without family. These children are highly vulnerable to exploitation and abuse as campaigns to recruit children, including girls, into armed forces continue.
$10 vaccinates 50 children against measles.
$40 provides a months worth of special therapeutic food used to treat malnourished children.


Choux-Fleur said...

I just did this. I selected $1 and I counted 16 of these "first world problem" tweets. It totally gave me a some of perspective.

Thanks for posting :)

Captain Angry Ranty Pants said...

Thats great! Well done.