Drinking is fun

Lets face it. Drinking is fun

You can go out and spend money and drink. Fun!
You can sit in your back garden and have a drink. Fun!
You can drink while having a meal. Fun!
You can drink at appropriate times. Fun!
You can drink at inappropriate times. Fun!

and when you drink a little too much it becomes more fun. Woot

and its super fun for us because we are in control of it. Of course we do that
"Oh I shouldn't drink on a school night ' and the occasional "...never again" but the fun isn't ruling our lives. Is it? Is it?

I am not doing feb fast because I am worried that my sneaky beers are going to join hands and see me on the wrong side of alcoholism but I knwo too well that it's a very fine line between a sneaky beer to finding yourself highlighting your life by the times when you can drink, and those highlights becoming moments you rely on and lean on, to the point they stop becoming moments but a matter of everyday.

I am doing feb fast to support and highlight the cost drinking can have on our society and of course raise some awareness and money for those who have found themselves covering their lives with their drinking, and for their family and friends who are affected by it.

In a former life I was youth worker so I have seen the destructiveness of substance abuse, including our social substances.  This year Feb fast is helping a lot of youth initiatives, as it is too easy to see alcoholism as a symptom of later life or of hard times, when in many ways its not. The full list of charities is here

As I said before
If everyone who reads my blog or followed me on twitter "bought me a Sneaky beer" I will make a good return for these charities. It's not much for you but the might of the Captains army will make a sizable return. (Sorry for drafting you in the army but I am a Captain so it seemed appropriate.)

So if you have ever read my blog and thought
I'd like to buy this chap a beer, ( or even a bear if you a) can't spell or b) like the idea of me sitting awkwardly with a Kodiak bear watching the news)  now is the time to donate that money to Feb Fast. 

All I am asking for is the price of a drink. Don't do that oh I should donate more but i can't debate in your head which leads to not donating, Just $5. Not much. One less drink for you but so much more for people who need to not have that drink

So why not donate

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Miss Shiny said...

Great post Captain, rather timely considering some of my friends witnessed a once-loved friend make a complete ass of himself at a restaurant last night.
I think I may have to buy you a #sneakybottleofwine in the hope that he drinks one less.