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Talking bout your generation

Shaun Micallef says something extremely surreal which is nearly too weird for viewers of Channel Youngfolk

Gen Y says something in a foppish manner highlighting he knows nothing and isn't he so cute because he knows nothing but its okay because he is foppish fop fop fop fop fop. His soapie guest giggles too. giggle giggle giggle. Soap star is happy to be on another show (aside from the logies) and thinks he/ she is on the way to something bigger. Gen y fops. fop fop fop fop fop.

Generation X says something that vaguely highlights his killer level contempt for this thing cvalled humanity, while trying to hide the fact he is really really really trying to win. His guest swallows, hoping that gen X doesn't beat him to death for not trying too hard while all the while wondering if his appearance on this show is the gateway to his career twilighting.

Baby Boomer is wasted in this show. Her guest is usually past it and/or Wendy Harmer.

Shaun Micallef again says something extremely surreal which is beyond the viewers of Channel Youngfolk

Repeat again until ridiculous end of show

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Anonymous said...

Sean Mickaliff really isn't funny, whethrer it goes over my head or not.