National DeLurking Day

It's National De-Lurking Day! (1)

The one day a year where passive readers (aka "lurkers") come out of hiding, see their shadows, and leave a message to say...something. In fact anything 

"Hi, I like your blog?"

"Hi, I really like your blog?"

"why the big dogs and little dogs?."

"Why are you angry?"

It doesn't have to be anything poetic, or even deep. I mean, I'd prefer if it was vaguely complimentary, low in potty words and didn't reference the works of Darryl Summers, but hey its all up to you.

Come on delurk yourselves!

To inspire I have done a quick delurk. Heres me! Hi!

(1) or in America as I have just found out about it but lets pretend it still today. Heck it can be tomorrow as well


Anonymous said...

I like to watch

A Vapid Blonde said...

Hey, Anonymous sounds kinky.

And I will say Hello, nice beach!

It's always today somewhere.

Which makes no sense, like me usually!

Racist Wallaby said...

Lurkers are like Pademelons; you're never sure just how many are about, but you know they're up to no good!

Chloe said...

I missed the official day, but hello, I'm a reader. Also birthday twin.