Tis the season to be jolly


What is with this annual lie about festive good will? Its bullshit. In fact i will upgrade it to bullshite!

This myth that once a year 'we do unto others' and are full of "festive cheer' is a pile of smelly crap. Christmas is the most pressured, selfish season of the year. Okay, yes I will admit for about 48 hours from sometime on Christmas eve (possibly after the shops shut ) to Boxing Day people are genuinely nice to each other. Hoorah! And somewhat generous

But that's it

The time leading up to Christmas should be called the season to be selfish. People are pushy, pushing their way so they can all get out ahead of everyone else> People tick off lists of things they have to do 

"Thank god I've sent off my Christmas Cards

"I've got my presents wrapped"

"What am I going to get Weird Uncle Nutso?"

People. chill.

No one said you had to do Christmas and if you have chosen to be part of the festival then why not at least fucking smile.

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