Things that haven't annoyed me so much this year


Here's a round up of the blogs I love to read and have made me a little less bile fueled in 2010.  Its not complete or conclusive and is in no particular order more wirtten as they popped into my last day of 2010 head.

The Levant and her Neighbors.  In the world of seemingly never ending travel blogs it easy to get a bit blaise and through that not discover the gems. Like this one ( I was lucky enough to read it as it unfolded.) She is now writing this excellent blog 

Vote 1 Love - A  blog by uber talented cartoonist Michelle Baggas Baginski presenting cartoons reacting to political issues. Go here to be charmed

I Can Pretend to Care Got a problem with life? Need a questions answered, then let Lou Sanz help you at her hilarious help column here. Informative, funny, caring.... what more could you want? (Cheese on toast arguably but let's not split hairs) Her blog is here 

Ginger and Honey Writer Steph Convery was a lucky bitch and traveled across the top of the country this year and wrote some of the most beautiful prose about the trip and her reactions to it on her blog

Clem Bastow Clem is like a never ending stream of pop culture gold. Read her blog follow her on twitter and of courser follow Stoned Cats

Am I a wizard or a traffic cone? Just think about it for a while, man.”

Unwakeable. Consistently excellent and consistently inspiring Lisa Dempsters blog covers her literary, bike riding and Vegan foodie life with lots in between. I am also jealous of her job (but that's another story)

H. Anthony Hildebrand Possibly the cleverest and funniest person I know. Follow him on twitter

Angry Travel Girl and her world of rants about working in travel industry. I do love a good rant

If Charlie Parker Was a Gunslinger, There'd Be a Whole Lot of Dead Copycats Aside from being the winner for longest title this blog provides a steady stream of new photos of famous (and not so famous people) from yesteryear
John Lennon, Anne Murray, Harry Nilsson, Alice Cooper and Mickey Dolenz whoop it up at the Troubadour. 
Bored Olives An email love story As explained on the site

As I was putting together a computer from second hand parts, I found the old hard drive hadn't been erased. This included the previous owners emails. I felt conflicted about reading them. But this passed quickly. To my delight I discovered a correspondence between two people dating back to 1999. They were truthful, touching and a little funny. I became addicted and felt compelled to share it. Unedited.

and to finish the favorite of my posted photos of the year


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Great links! (If I do say so, etc.)