Christmas Carols

What makes people all gather together and sing some of the worst written songs in the history of man? The only think that would make less sense is if we all gathered once a year to sing the combined team songs of the AFL

Seriously, name one Christmas carol that's won an award for great songmanship? Do you ever see them sung in the Hitsofalltime night for X-Factor? Aside from Jingle Bells and Merry Christmas how many of them are actually memorable, and lets face it we only remember Jingle Bells because its

1. Short
2. and in year 2 it was the first rude song we sung

But whats worse than the carols? Carolling.

What the frack possesses people to gather in groups and travel around to sing these songs? What? To spread festive good will? Raise money for the poor ( usually, ironically the deaf) Is it some sort of door to door crap song evangelism?

If you want to spread good will to me, gather in your conveniently similar dressed festive clothes, stick on your Go-Lo $3 Reindeer horns, come around to my house, knock on my door and give me a bottle of wine then piss off. There's your festive goodwill there and then and none of that noncey noncey silent night shit and come all ye faithful.

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