This is your Captain speaking

As you read this I will be en-route to my holiday, looking forward to a few weeks of bagels, pickles, martinis, cool shops, people watching, shopping, museums, art galleries, and generally enjoying the city that never sleeps (1)

While away I won't be blogging.  

No my 11 readers cry thinking to themselves thank god we can get some peace and have some time to work out which dog is which.

For those among you who like to read my drivel i have arranged a holiday limited edition series Postcards from somewhen else a series of articles and posts about travel (somewhat unsurprisingly) Some are old, one even dating back to my long forgotten student days and some are brand spanking new.

Anyhoo, one will appear pretty much every couple day due to the wonder of schedule blog posts

Those who just like ranting, anger and grumpiness maybe come back at the end of the month


Captain AR Pants esq

(1) Yes i am going to Townsville

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