An open letter

Guest post by Grumpy Girrrl

Dear fellow residents of a certain sunny, waterside city,

I salute you in your enthusiasm for the great outdoors; for embracing our government’s concerns about your expanding waist lines and going for a walk; for your dedication to your doggie-friends and their love of a daily frolic in the water.

To the cyclists who make the environment just that bit cleaner as you eschew your cars to fly like the wind on your daily commute, and the wanderers, out to soak up some vitamin D with your fellow senior citizens, I salute you too.

So why the frack can none of you salute me in my own endeavours to maintain a svelte waistline and keep rickets at bay?

As I embark on my daily run, why must I balance precariously on the side of an embankment trying to pass you as you plod along, 4-abreast without the slightest concern for other path users?

Why must I dodge your horse sized dog that is careening towards me off-lead,  full pelt,  shaking its harbour-drenched coat and leering unbecomingly, its fangs closer to my shins than is commonly defined as polite.

Why must I give way to your prams the size of range rovers?  It’s not like you are trying to keep your heart rate up.

Why should I lose my pace as lycra clad lunatics whiz past but can’t find the bell to warn they are coming?


So share the love, people, and the path. Don’t make me go back the treadmill.

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