Diary from Dullsville

Some may think I am  in the minority with my anti Perth stand. I present to you doubters this blog 

The Worst of Perth presents all original examples of the worst of Design, Architecture,  Art and Humanity from Perth Western Australia and the world with commentary from comedian, artist and photographer Andrew McDonald.  

My favourite post (which will mean more to ex perthites ( or Moosers as they are called by some)

Belltower. Unnatural Tendencies.

I’m a little apologetic about this Belltower post, as when I took this photo I was doing my best to make it look good. Sorry.

When the Belltower on the Swan River at Barrack Street was completed, I wrote to the then Premier Richard Court asking why he’d built what looked like an Asian dictator’s outhouse on our foreshore.
I’ve been having a little bit of a struggle with the Belltower ever since then, because deep down inside there’s an insistent little voice saying “Is it really that bad? Maybe it’s even a little interesting?”

I think many Perth People have been resisting coming out of the same closet. We don’t want to admit to ourselves that we were only against it because that annoying weed Richard Court was for it. 

I wear a rubber band around my wrist. Everytime I feel I’m having unnatural Belltower loving feelings, I snap the band. “I am normal. I do not like the Belltower. Snap, snap, SNAP.

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