Things that haven't annoyed me so much this week

  •  Vote 1 Love - a lovely new blog by uber talented cartoonist Michelle Baggas Baginski presenting cartoons reacting to political issues. Timely. Go here to be charmed

  • Wookie Jacket Personally looking forward to the Jawa snuggie

  • Real World superheroes Only in America would people seriously think they could be superheroesThere's such winners as Hardwire, Danger Woman and of course Master Legend (of course). Personally I am a little bit of a fan of Enigma from Texas

    Enigma patrols San Antonio looking for any opportunity to do good. He posts his exploits at MySpace, where you can read about an incident earlier this year where he stopped a pair of car thieves. Enigma also lends his powers to environmental causes.
    although he isn't in the league of the Crimson Fist

 The Crimson Fist turned to his superhero practice after years of drugs and alcohol. By day he’s an IT programmer; by night he spends his time helping Atlanta. He wishes he could do more:
Don't we all, Don't we all
          Originally posted here  Go there's more of them.
  • Jane Bot. Follow Jane on Twitter for a stream of hilariously pithy tweets or go to her site for the pics. Whatever. She's funny and makes me giggle 
  • some things are beyond captioning

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      Windsmoke. said...

      That bloke in the middle of the frozen lake with the axe has to have dementia or is smoking some thing very powerful indeed.