Snapshots of dipshits

Act Three Scene 8976,

An office without internet

The Captain spends ten minutes in a combination of on-hold or dialing numbers to get to tech help

IronicallynamedTechHelp: Hello you are speaking with Frankie. How can i help you

Captain: My internet isn't working

IronicallynamedTechHelp: Have you tried switching the modem off

Captain. Yes. the last three times i have called.

IronicallynamedTechHelp: Maybe the modem is broken

Captain; We have two. Neither is working

IronicallynamedTechHelp: Have you tried switching them both off?

Captain; We haven't had internet for two days and i have spent an hour on the phone with tech help going through these basic issues. It is not the modem

IronicallynamedTechHelp: Have you checked you have a dial tone

Captain: Yes

IronicallynamedTechHelp: Are your computers working?

Captain: well they don't have the internet

IronicallynamedTechHelp: Have you checked with another modem?

Captain: Did you miss the bit when i said we have two modems?

IronicallynamedTechHelp: You can't have two modems on the same line

Captain Isn't there some tests you can do your end?

IronicallynamedTechHelp: Have you checked the modems?

Captain: Insert 2 minute angry tirade about not having internet for two days, busy office and lack of tech support here

IronicallynamedTechHelp: If you have checked the modems and the phone line maybe you should email through your complaint and we will look at it.

Captain: Did you forget the start of the call when i said we don't have internet? HOW WE GOING TO EMAIL!!!!!

IronicallynamedTechHelp: Is the light flashing on the modem?

Captain hangs up 

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Windsmoke. said...

I had the same problem with my fixed line internet and got fed up with it and switched to mobile internet. With mobile internet when there's no connection you can reset it yourself then you don't to ring anybody and answer dumb questions.