Same sex marriages

Seriously. Why not? Why can't there be same sex marriage? Give me one good reason? Go on!

Why can't two chaps who both like Mariah Carey be allowed to become a legal unit? Hmm? Anyone? Anyone?

Why shouldn't they be allowed to set a date, panic about who to invite, argue with their parents, save all their money, stress over picking a venue, worry over what to feed people, argue over the wedding invite, rewrite the invite list to include weird old Uncle Kevin, find out their venue is overbooked, wonder if they should have a grooms party, pick a menu, change the menu, chase the venue cause they never ring back, rewrite the invite list to exclude weird old Uncle Kevin, find a celebrant, write vows, chase up peoples addresses, spend a day of hell working out the wedding registry, argue over the wedding registry, rewrite the invite list to include weird old Uncle Kevin again,rewrite vows, wonder why your ring can't be a Flash ring, empty their bank accounts to pay the deposit on your 'cheap' venue, realize Uncle Kevin is dead, not be stressed, realize that even a small wedding with no fuss is actually a big fuss, be stressed, rewrite vows to exclude the lyrics of Bohemian Rhapsody, not be stressed, be stressed, realize you hadn't organized documenting the event at all, argue over the playlist and why its not appropriate to have a song called "Stab U" as the walk down the aisle music, panic, avoid hens and bucks party, get caught by bucks party, forget you haven't picked up your suit, wonder if there will be enough food, wonder if the wine will be nice, wonder if anyone will turn up, get married, dance, stop friends exposing themselves on wedding photographers camera, don't eat anything expect rubbery fish and chips wake up on the couch the morning after at 2am having a think

Why can't they be allowed to do all that?


Here. Pictorial proof



Laura said...


And lol at the "same sex marriage will inspire criminals to commit more crimes" on the picture.
I wonder who would believe bullshit like that. :P

Ciara Ruane said...

absolutely. I have catholic guilt its true, but really? if a person is good all their lives theyre going to hell cos they dont have the right sex drive? is this all-forgiving merciful God really operating in that way? and even if he is, they'd still be gay and going to hell if they weren't married so they may aswell enjoy life on earth! and this whole "sancity of marriage" bollocks is just selfish! the sanctity of marriage is tarnished every time a couple divorce, or murder each other after refusing to divorce to protect the sanctity of marriage. My own straight parents are divorced, it would make no difference if they were the same gender! I say go for it! it doesnt affect the traditionalists, THEY dont have to have a gay marriage!

Anonymous said...

I think the problem is the blurring of the two interpretations of the word 'marriage'.

Marriage to mean 'Religious joining of two people in holy matrimony; and marriage to mean a legal contract to recognize two people as a loving couple.

In the religious sense, I believe the choice should be down to whatever decision making process they each have, be it individual choice of the person performing ceremonies or a sweeping 'official' policy.

In the legal contract sense, as far as I'm concerned, pledge yourself to a horse if you want.

annieds said...

OK. Probably not right to marry a horse because horses cannot consent but same sex, same species marriages? Why not? I quite like being half of a 'mixed' marriage myself,(in many different ways - he doesn't play for a brass band for a start), but sexuality is what it is and if you argue that homosexuality is a lifestyle choice you would, I think, have to argue the same for gayness. I can't see why others can't have what I have. Love is love is love.

I don't have a faith but I tend not to knock people who do and I used to have one,(that I found neither comforting nor useful in any other way),but I cannot see why God, should he exist, would penalise nenbers of his own creation or why people, (in whom I do believe), should be particularly bothered.